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Electroless Nickel/ Nickel PTFE Plating
Sulfamate Nickel Electroplating
Hard Chrome Electroplating
Tool Room Services
Plating Specifications
Black Oxide




Selective plating and precision masking in all process, specializing in multiple finishing on the same tool. Plating thickness from 0.0001 to 0.500 plus. Weight Capacity 2000 lbs all processes.

Hard Chrome Plating, Black Oxide on both Ferrous and Stainless Alloys, Sulfamate Nickel Flash Plating for brazing, Engineered Nickel Buildups, Electroless Nickel Plating, Electroless Nickel / PTFE Composite Coating, Copper Plating, Vapor Degreasing


 • Hard Chrome  • Electroless Nickel/PTEF
 • Electroforming  • Black Oxide
 • Thin Dense Chrome  • Copper Build Up/Flash
 • Sulfamate Nickel  • Buffing
 • Engineering Nickel  • Vapor Degreasing
 • Decorative Nickel  • Media Blast Wet/Dry
 • Electroless Nickel  • Materials & Substrates Plated

Plated Bore





Nickel Buildup on I.D. of

Pump Impeller

  Plating Specifications
 Chromium Plating  Electroless Nickel / PTFE Composite Coating
 AMS-QQ-C-320 Type 1, TYPE 11, CLASS 1  No specification
 ASTM B456
 Black Oxide of Ferrous Alloys
 Sulfamate Nickel Plating  AMS 2485
 AMS 2424 - Stress Free  
 Copper Plating - Rack - Barrel - Selective Buildup - Electroforming
 Engineering Nickel    MIL-C-14550
AMS 2423  ASTM B734
 AMS 2418
 Nickel Plating  
 AMS-QQ-N-290  Vapor Degreasing
 ASTM B689  Media Blast
 AMS 2403  Wet - Size
 AMS 2423  Dry - Size
 Electroless Nickel Plating  
 Electroless Nickel Plating  
 MIL-C-26074 Low, Med or High Phos.  
 ASTM B733  
 AMS 2404
 AMS 2405


  Materials and Substrates
Depending upon the application, our substrate adhesion will withstand temperatures as high as 300 degrees Celsius and in some cases as high as 450 degrees Celsius after vacuum baking, depending on the base material. This allows for high temperature soldering, brazing, or post machining operations after plating

Our buildups are formulated to adhere perfectly during conventional milling, turning, E.D.M. machining and grinding. Please inquire about any special applications that you may require. We will gladly work with your toolmakers and advise them of the best available machining techniques.

We welcome the opportunity to research plating on new materials and are always willing to do samples for customer approval.
  Metals Used:
   Beryllium Inconel Nickel Sulfamate
   Beryllium Alloys INnvar Non Metallics
   Brass Kovar Phosphor Bronze
   Bronze Magnesium Plastics
   Chrome Molybdenum Silver
   Copper Monel Stainless
   Copper /Tungsten Nickel Steel