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Nickel is one of the oldest metals used for electroplating applications. Engineering Nickel is high in ductility, strength and corrosion resistance with a hardness range of 35 to 50 Rockwell C.

Sulfamate Nickel Electroplating

Nickel can be selectively plated to any thickness to any area of a tool, providing a pit free surface with total metallic adhesion and integration to the base metal. After machining, nickel is virtually indistinguishable from the base metal. Further protection, hardness and lubricity can be achieved by adding either a hard chrome flash or an electroless/Teflon™ deposit over the nickel.


Nickel buildup

The plating procedure offers a unique substitute to welding due to the lack of high heat which can distort, crack or damage the substrate. Nickel can be deposited on all tool steels, cold rolled steels, aluminum, brass, beryllium copper, or over nickel itself. Selective deposits can be machined by conventional operations. B&E has utilized selective nickel buildups since the 1965 to salvage worn, mismachined or undersized dimensions and to restore finishes on plastic mold components.

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