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B&E Electroform tailors the metallurgical properties of the electroplated metal to meet the requirements of the electroformed tool.

B&E has the ability to manufacture tools by conventional CNC milling and turning along with a wide range of other machining equipment. This same ability gives B&E the ability to manufacture the mandrel and finish machine the electroformed tool.

According to ASTM B450-67, electroforming may be defined as the “production, or, reproduction
of article by electrodeposition upon a mandrel, master or mold that is subsequently separated
from the deposit.”

Occasionally, portions of the mandrel may remain as an integral functional part of the electroformed tool. While much of the machine shop equipment and plating techniques employed are common for both electroforming and salvage plating, the essential difference is that the electroformed tool is a stand alone unit, whereas in salvage plating the plating is firmly bonded to the base metal, then machined to blue print specifications. Deposition up to 0.750” or thicker are not uncommon for electroformed tools.

Since an electroform serves as a separate structure, emphasis is place on the physical mechanical properties of the electrodeposit. B&E Electroform tailors the properties of the electroformed metal to meet the requirements of the tool.

Some of the more unusual characteristics of B&E’s electroforms include:
The metallurgical properties of an electroformed metal can be selected and controlled over a wide range.
Electroformed wall thicknesses are closely controlled. Deposit wall thickness can be either relatively heavy, or extremely thin deposits. Inserts may also be incased in the electroformed tool.
 • Our electroforming can produce parts of intricate design, having accurate dimensions and smooth surfaces finishes. Dimensional tolerance of +/- 0.0001” and surface finishes of 1 to 2 micro-inches are possible.
Surface textures of the mandrel are reproduced with extremely high fidelity on the surface of the electroform.
At the present time, electroforms can be made up to 6 foot in length or 3 foot in diameter. The maximum size of to electroform in limited only by the size of the available plating tanks. Larger sizes are available per customer requirements.








Electroform Nickel Cavity Shell

Electroformed Tools





Gold  Plated Microwave Guide

B&E can supply both the mandrel when required and finish machine the final electroform, or we can electroform on your supplied mandrel and return the electroform to you for finish machining. Our electroforming engineers are available to guide you in every step of the electroforming process.


1/2 inch Tall Electroformed Gullet Catcher