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Tool Room Services
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Black Oxide




Tool Room Services



CNC milling and turning


                (2) Mitsui Seiki Vertical milling centers 42” x 24” x 24”


(1) Cincinnati high speed vertical milling center 20" x 20" x 20" 


(1) Cincinnati turning center 8" chuck x 20" travel


Conventional milling


(2) Bridgeport vertical mill


(1)  Kent vertical mill


Conventional turning


(1) Hardinge high precision tool room lathe 10 x 20


(1) Birmingham lathe 14 x 40


(1) Monarch lathe 28 x 72


(1) Tabor continuous bar tracer lathe




(1) Brown and Sharp automatic 6 x 18 surface grinder


(1) Boyer Schults 6 x 18 surface grinder


Inspection Equipment


(1) Brown and Sharpe Gage 2000 with computer                                    Controlled PC-DMIS software


(1) Jones and Lamson Comparator


(1) Brown and Sharpe Micro-hite height gage


Micrometers, calipers, gage block, Intrimiks, plug gages, thread gages and all assorted precision measuring instruments are maintained and calibrated according to our quality control manuals.


Various support equipment including Sunnen honing machine, drill presses, hydraulic presses, Gorton universal tool grinder, vertical and horizontal band saws, chop saws, and semiautomatic cold saws.




          With the use of our machining centers and turning center we have the ability to provide low to high volume production work.  The machining expertise we use ensures the most advantageous set up and tooling possible.   Also, our experience with production runs allows us to guarantee the fastest machine times possible.  Utilizing the latest in tooling design helps us stay competitive and offer the best delivery times possible. All of our machines are maintained and check routinely for accuracy, and repeatability.


                   Low Quantity Runs


          Some of our customers have asked us to manufacture components for automated machinery.  Most of the time only one or a small quantity of each item is needed.  Usually an automated machine will require a large number of different parts.  When these are manufactured it is critical to have an organized process control and manufacturing plan.  We have developed a plan that offers the most productive machine run times possible.  This allows us to help companies who build the equipment to stay on a time table so they can receive the most time sensitive parts first without pushing out the end delivery date. 




          For the past 12 years we have been supplying the aerospace industry with various electroformed components for military and commercial use.  We have produced a diverse array of products from individual components to specialized alignment tools.  Manufacturing for the aerospace industry has greatly enhanced the operation of the machining facility in traceability, job router sheets, quality control, and inspection.




            To meet the needs of our customers we use Autocad and CAM software to produce machine running times for quoting and writing programs.  To reduce machine down time and increase productivity we have introduced Preditor DNC software to prove out and download programs that are ready to run, eliminating prolonged set up times.