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About Us

B&E Electroform BuildingB&E Electroform Company was started by a German toolmaker in 1949, creating complex tooling for the plastic mold industry. Initially known as B&S Engraving, the company became a pioneer in EDM technology, and electroformed electrodes. The company was also distinguished for beautiful, intricate hand engraving, combining old world craftsmanship, with new machining technologies.

Recognizing the universal need to restore critical dimensions on high precision tooling, the company perfected the art of selective plating. B&E 's unique ability to plate to size and add metal without the use of high heat added new life to expensive tooling that would otherwise have to be remade. Providing durable, hard machinable metal buildups, quickly and affordably, was a service that both machine shops and manufacturers would enthusiastically embrace.

Today, B&E Electroform Company is located in a modern 20,000 square foot facility in upper South Carolina, continues to offer conventional machining, CNC, electroforming technology as well as a variety of engineered, corrosive resistant, high lubricity plated coatings, to aircraft, military, medical, electronics, and plastic mold industries throughout the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada. It is our privilege to serve you.